Even though Incircle provides a highly personalised approach to every member, there are certain core services that our annual membership includes:
Оne-to-one introductions to Incircle members
Incircle Digital experience
Digital platform and mobile app worldwide
3rd party events
Invitations to one-of-a-kind 3rd party events
Host your own event
Incircle is always open for collaborations with members and co-hosting events
Business development
Incircle members are established business leaders who are always happy to help our members to further grow their business
Perks and offers
Offers from member and partner businesses, complimentary advice from best professionals
Multi-family office
Access to other family offices and to best professionals on the market
Incircle events
Invitations to exclusive events
A dedicated client relationship manager
Our members flourish by sharing their knowledge and expertise, their mentoring acumen, and their unique specialist guidance - so the network effect grows exponentially.
Our members' time is a scarce and precious resource. That is why Incircle targets the needs of each client individually to enhance their productivity and efficiency in the fast-paced reality of today's world.
Privacy is the hallmark of Incircle. All potential members and partners are carefully vetted prior to enlisting and all of them have complete control over their own level of privacy.
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