The main goal of Incircle is success and prosperity of our members.
We benefit our members by providing the best quality solutions irrespective of their location.
We are providing our clients with a variety of corporate and personal services. Our network of top businessmen and industry experts lets us initiate mutually beneficial introductions.
Incircle members have unlimited access to each other's expertise as well as direct contact with our partners' corporate representatives specialising in the required fields.
This helps us to arrange the best possible rates and service quality on the market for our clients in the most efficient manner.
Through the Incircle network, our members receive market updates, find employees, raise capital, establish profitable collaborations, and forge long-standing partnerships. Incircle members share their business requirements and challenges with fellow members in full trust - from an idea to a unicorn. They know they are not alone and can always find another member or partner who faced a similar challenge before and will gladly share their knowledge and expertise.
Incircle network has a significant number of top tier investment businesses which provide advice, exclusive off-market deals and share special investment strategies and market outlooks with our members. With a unique comprehensive knowledge of their business specifics, Incircle successfully facilitates co-investments and helps its members to locate reviews for a variety of investment opportunities, from UHNWI to Family Offices.
Legal & Tax & Mortgage
Incircle members enjoy exclusive introductions to the best professionals in the legal, tax and mortgage fields, who provide special rates and free consultations on personal and corporate matters. Moreover, Incircle members enjoy access to a special directory on the platform with reviews about such service providers within the network.
Private Banking
Incircle team is happy to share our expertise within the PB field, arrange for 3rd-party advice from global wealth managers on a broad spectrum of member requests, make an introduction to a member with a similar background for guidance or a recommendation, help them to find the best suitable banker or broker, handle negotiations or open an account. Our members are clients of GS, Citi, Julius Baer, Interactive Brokers, and others.
Real Estate
We help our members access leading real estate professionals who always act in their clients' best interest and specialise in UK residential and commercial property, off-market deals, leasing, funds, and work closely with the leading British developers. A full range of services from the best legal specialists, investment and tax consultants, mortgage brokers, along with transaction analysis and negotiation advice are only a phone call away.
Incircle member & partner companies
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